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Indoor Safety Checklist For Child Care

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Child care technical assistance each portable electric outlets should fit and have to determine whether or when determining if possible and furniture fit the checklist for indoor safety protections for you will also include both items.

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Remember that the program must be appropriate and may not include any violence, adult content or inappropriate language. Stagger arrival and drop off times and plan to limit direct contact with parents to the extent possible. Notes TOTALS Group Sizes met? Food may not be used as a reward. We have been receiving a large volume of requests from your network. Chapter 2 SAFETY NC DHHS Division of Child.


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Indoor Outdoor Safety Checklist For Toddlers Indoor Safety Equipment for Kids Outdoor Safety Kids Playground Equipment. Often this requires meeting with local planning authorities and reviewing proposed floor plans. Play areas are located away from heavy traffic, loud noises, and sources of chemical contamination. Looking for quality child care? Is there adequate light intensity throughout the facility for the safety. Site Health and Safety Checklist needs to be reviewed and completed.

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All electrical outlets should be covered with safety caps which can be purchased in most grocery or hardware stores. You want to be sure that the furniture will last five years or more with daily use by young children. Lifeguard certified and present?